Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vera Ma Published On

Vera Ma is a graphic artist based in Singapore. Her work encompasses a variety of genres. Mainly contemporary illustration, psychedelia, manga, art nouveau, pop-art and surrealism. Color is a widely used and important theme in her work. She uses graphic techniques that firmly illustrate her passion for emotion. She was most recently featured in an online gallery at
Vera Comments about her choice of art cards as media. "I've always referred my cards as art cards
(as well as ACEOs) because most people have not heard of the terms ATC or ACEO. There's always a chance of meeting future collectors or people who like trading cards but never heard of the art genre so I choose to make it as accessible to an audience as possible."
Art cards are a medium that follow a standard rule. The cards must measure 2.5" x 3.5". This standard of measure is the same used for a baseball card. Art Cards can be originals or print editions and are either traded or sold. There is a wealth of information regarding the history of art cards found online. Art cards are extremely collectible and addictive hobby. Vera Ma expresses her thoughts on art card creation: "art cards is a good hobby to invest in... addictive though!"

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