Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trade Your Automobile Art Cards

Attention all ATC Artists: Here is a swap of interest. It was posted on the Facebook Group wall Artists Trading Cards.
Organized by Mary Alice Dickenson, The card is a three for three trade. On Facebook she says
"We all love our cars! Old, new, antique, sporty, racy, practical, covered with mud, shiny fresh from the car wash, dogs in the back seats, bumper stickers and "artwork" hanging from rear view mirrors, convertibles, sedans, racy cars, NASCAR cars...."
This is a 3/3 swap.
Start date: March 1, 2010
End date: March 31, 2010
Put your name, email, medium, and title on the backs of the cards.
Any medium on standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" ATC cardstock. Please put the cards in plastic sleeves. Be sure and include $.72 postage on your self-addressed envelope.
Mary Alice Dickenson
PO Box 138
Angel Fire, NM 87710-0138

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