Friday, July 10, 2009

Tom Rios- Art Cards Published in a New Gallery

Tom Rios has been making art on and off for about 35 years. He started in the early 70s in San Francisco. Attended the Academy of Art College for several years which taught him the basics in art and gave him the opportunity to explore different styles and techniques.
Since that time, Tom has experimented in many types of arts from woodcarving to painting to paper-cuts and recently into making art cards.
Tom liked the idea of the art card because of the size limitations. The challenge of creating small works of art within the boundaries of the cards size. How much information can you put in and still make it work? Tom said "I think that’s the fun of creating these little gems." Tom became an "artcardist" in June 2009. Find out what exactly an "artcardist" is at
View more of my artists card work at

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