Thursday, July 16, 2009

Susan Rodio- ACEO Published in a New Gallery

Artcardist Susan Rodio has been creative since an early age. Susan's work is done primarily
in acrylic on either canvas or art board. She has since taken to printing her
painted images on art cards and ACEO (Art Collectibles, Originals and Editions)
She studied for three years in Sydney for a diploma in Fine arts. Susan paints
mermaids, faeries, godesses, angels and most things magical or spiritual. Her
love for this subject comes from an innate belief in the unseen world. Susan says
"To me there is far more to our experience of life than the material reality we
engage in through our day to day lives and I try to capture more subtle levels of
reality and I seek to engage the audience with these subtler energy levels that
are generally on a more unseen level". Nature and the elements inspire her. She often
sees faces in trees and mountains. It is through sitting quietly and focusing with nature
surrounding her that she sees and senses the spiritual and applies this to her artwork.
"I believe it is important to follow your passion in life whatever form that takes, in order
to experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose".
Susan's passion has gotten her noticed. Susan Rodio has been featured in many places.
Her work "Faery Gathering" was selected by Avantcard and distributed on 20,000 postcards.
She was selected as the artist ofthe month at Susans work has been
featured in The Magical Times Magazine and Pagan Magic's Witches Digest Beltane Edition. Most recently, Susan's worked has been featured in an online gallery at

To see more of her art work visit

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