Sunday, May 6, 2012

Displaying ACEO for Exhibitions

Sherri Russel posted at ACEO Online magazine through Facebook her professionally matted and framed series of  six ACEO. The grouping of the art cards were used to show visitors how ACEO can be displayed in your home vs. keeping all ACEO tucked away in a card album.
The exhibit took place for the SAFTH International ACEO Art Exhibit. The exhibit took place in April 2012 and benefits non-profit children's cahrities. Learn more by visiting
These art cards were created using layers of tissue paper, glitter and only glue. Sherri says "the camera did not pick up the true colors."

You can find many more great ideas for displaying ACEO and art cards in your home at  Corey Brown's hub on hubpages; How to Display ACEO and Art Cards

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  1. Hello - this is Sherri Russell, the founder of SAFTH Exhbiti - and the actual dates of this show are August 11th through September 2nd, 2012 and it has not passed as mentioned above in this article.