Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ATC vs. ACEO Round II

I have received a request to follow up on the debate between Art Cards and ACEO. The debate lies in how these cards are collected. ATC enthusiasts only trade their cards while artists who produce cards for monetary benefits sell them as ACEO. Production of these cards is similar: both meet a guideline of being produced on a 2.5" x 3.5" format. The measurement standard was taken from the same standard that trading cards, like baseball cards, use.
The website www.artcardist.com was created in order to bring both forms of the card together. Since conception of the idea to create Artcardist.com in 2009, neither ATC artists nor ACEO artists have really come together in any real terms to merge the two together. However, and I find this to be quite ironic, it is not unheard of for ATC artists to produce ACEO for the benefits of selling and ACEO artists can participate in an ATC trade. The most noticeable difference is the blending of terms. ACEO when used as a search term will bring you to information on ATC while ATC used as a term in a search engine mostly brings up art card trading results or results for Air Traffic Controller. It is my experience that in two years the term ACEO is used more often to describe an art card. Possibly this is due to the fact that the ACEO is a commercial term and advertisement has brought the term to the mainstream just like when you order a “Coke” in a restaurant, you may actually get a “Pepsi” since cola is truly the desired request. Eventually, the term ATC may be synonymous with ACEO except among a very small audience.
Production of the art card is still a very exciting activity. Sites like eBay and ETSY have quite an active movement for selling ACEO. Facebook has many groups dedicated to the trading of ATC. Any way that you decide to participate with these cards is fine. There are many talented artists who use them to promote themselves. As a collectible, art cards are inexpensive and endearing!

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