Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tina Will ACEO Posted in Online Gallery At ARTCARDIST

Tina will has just been published in an online gallery on ARTCARDIST.com. She says "She is drawn to abstraction, and feels like painting and drawing is her way to push away
the conventional, and to escape from what society expects from us as adults.
Creating art is a constant developing process for her, and she hopes to eventually draw and paint
as free as a child again one day…with that courage and confidence of the young girl
on grandma’s kitchen table.
For her, drawing art cards is a great way to loosen up and totally relax while creating a mini piece of art. She likes that you can bring fresh ideas onto an art card quickly and thinks that art cards are a wonderful way to make art affordable for everyone."
Meet Tina Will and many other artists at ARTCARDIST.com

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