Monday, November 2, 2009

Tips to Making Money Selling ACEO Online

Selling ACEO and Art Cards can prove to be lucrative provided one is willing to do a little self promotion. Creating a website, a blog and posting to forums in regards to your art card work will help spread the word that you are serious about this art form and want to gain recognition. Not to mention, help you put some hard earned cash in your pocket. This type of promotion can be free and easy to do. Look for a future blog regarding self promotion here and at

Sites like ebay and allow artists to post their art cards and make some money selling them. Each site has its own benefits. Ebay is a great site to promote individual art work since a listing will typically allow a shopper to browse an aritist's individual website. Working in an auction format or with "Pay It Now" allows an artists to sell their work quickly. This is great if an artist needs some immediate cash. Ebay also has some fantastic forums for art card artists. Join a forum and get ideas for increasing sales as well as information on trading art cards. It is difficult to showcase a specific work or collection of work since listings appear by the date that the auction ends.

Etsy solves the problems of the auction style of selling since art listings are more personalized and do not expire in a certain period of time. Etsy allows a user to add a personalized profile and to categorize the art work that is listed. It is not uncommon to see ACEO original work sell for hundreds of dollars.

Besides using sites like Ebay and Etsy to promote yourself, educate yourself, too! Many artists make a lot of money online. You can be one of those artists. Learn from others and follow the steps of their success. Apply principle of success. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you want to sell more of your art or craftwork at higher prices so you can spend
    your time creating quality work rather than feeling you have to "mass" produce your
    art in order to make a living... but don't know how?
  • Do you need a proven easy to use plan to get your art or craft business going... but you feel intimidated and don't know where to start?
  • Would you like to have name recognition and have customers calling you... but don't
    know where to begin?
  • Do you want to turn your passion for art into a very profitable part-time or
    full-time business... but don't know how to do it?
  • Do you want to have all of the above without a huge amount of effort or becoming a "pushy salesperson" or an expert in marketing... but don't have a clue how to?
  • Want to know how to get started in an easy step-by-step manner... but didn't know where to find this information?
Steven Popkin, a successful glass artists has put the answers to these questions together in a step by step kit just for artists. He is a shining example of how to follow the success of others. Take his advice and view his course called THE LIVING ARTIST.

Let Colin Ruffel show you how with his ebook.
You, too, can sell more art!


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