Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trading Art Cards vs. ACEO = ARTCARDIST

As an artist who produces art cards, it is interesting to find that there is a heated debate over these tiny fine art works. Art cards are for trading and ACEO's are produced to be bought and sold. There lies the only difference between the two. Each form of pocket art still must meet the requirement of 2.5 x 3.5 inches to either be traded or sold.
If you produce artwork and have joined the art card trend, you may be forced to take sides. Either be a trader of art cards or be a seller of ACEO . In the world of art cards there is no in between. I have actually been denied acceptance into forums because I had the audacity to suggest that I was looking for information on buying and selling art cards (to be p.c. I must say buying and selling ACEO). What I have ended up with at first is mass confusion. Unless you have done your homework, you may not know that an art card is intended for trade only and you submit yourself to being snubbed by many fine artists, many of whom you would like to trade cards with.
Don't choose a side! If you want to trade, TRADE! IF you want to sell, SELL! Consider yourself to be an ARTCARDIST.
An ARTCARDIST is an artist or crafts person who wants to produce cards with the intention to trade, buy and sell. They want to establish their reputation as an artist and communicate with other artists, so they trade. They also want to make a name for themselves and let the public be able to obtain fine art for a minimal price, so they produce cards to sell and buy. For those of you out there who wish to neither subscribe to being a trader only nor a buyer/seller only become an ARTCARDIST !
Visit my website for more information on trading, buying and selling fine art cards or ACEO.

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my ACEO cat eye glasses post, feel free to post it in your gallery. I shall blog about your site as well so just send me a link whenever I can peek! My email: info @

    thanks again! I'm an artcardist =)